Ep. 8 - Making Better Setters, Part 1: Dustin Curtis

In the first instalment of the Making Better Setters series, I talk to Canadian pro routesetter Dustin Curtis about becoming better teachers, learning something from everyone around you, and bothering the people at USA Climbing until they let you come to one of their clinics. 


Dustin's Workstation
After interviewing Dustin, I took a walk around Up The Bloc to check out the facility. My favourite part (aside from the dope climbs) was this mobile workstation. Dustin described it as something the started small and keeps getting bigger as he and his crew think of things to add on to it. At the end of the setting shift, it gets wheeled into the setting room along with all of their custom hold carts. I'm pretty jealous. Click the image below to see a bigger version.